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Where are you located?

Our Dover studio is located at 892 Central Ave Dover, NH 03820

How we work:

Our studio offers custom design services, which means that all of our artists will be happy to create a one-of-a-kind design for your tattoo. So how do you get started? Contact us!

In person: Stop by, see our space, and chat with an artist. We prefer to consult with our clients in person whenever possible, and any available artist will be happy to answer your initial questions and guide you along. We’ll match you with the appropriate artist, depending on the tattoo style or subject matter you’re looking for, and take copies of your reference material, tracings of your body and notes on your design right away.

By phone: Call and get answers to your initial questions right away. We can suggest artists for your tattoo or schedule a time for a consult, where you can bring in your reference materials and ideas and get the process started.

Dover: (603) 740-0950

Via email: Use our handy contact form to send us an email inquiry. In order to get concise answers, please provide us with any photos or reference images, as well as where on the body you’d like the tattoo, a general size (inch by inch!) and whether you’d like color or black and grey. The best artist for the job will reply as soon as possible.

Walk-in Services:
We accommodate walk-in tattoos whenever possible. We recommend arriving earlier in the day or calling ahead to check availability, as walk-ins are first come, first served. Please be aware that some (not all) larger tattoos, cover-ups, specific styles or custom designs will require a scheduled appointment at a later date, in order to give our artists time to prepare for the tattoo.

Scheduled Appointments
Once you’ve met with your artist and discussed your design, we take a deposit and schedule a date for the tattoo. The deposit is credited towards the cost of the tattoo, and is non-refundable in the event of a no-show. This money compensates the artist for the drawing preparation ahead of time as well as the now-vacant appointment slot. If you need to reschedule your tattoo appointment with 24 hours notice, we’re happy to do so with no harm to your deposit.

Since our custom design abilities are part of the great service at Tattoo Junkies, we do not e-mail out copies of the drawings prior to the tattoo appointment. However, we’re more than happy to show off the drawing in person! We recommend calling ahead for this, to make sure the drawing is complete and/or your artist is available to chat with you.

We’re happy to make tweaks to the drawing, in order to ensure your satisfaction in the finished tattoo, and we look forward to your feedback. Please be aware that major overhauls to the drawing (or many many rounds of minor edits) may result in additional cost.

When You Arrive
Please arrive on time, sober, showered and not sunburned, with the appropriate clothing to be tattooed. We will not tattoo anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol. For your own added protection against infection (and our comfort while tattooing you!) please arrive recently bathed, and without any lotions or cologne applied to the area of the tattoo. Sunburns, cuts or damage to the area of the tattoo will likely require rescheduling the tattoo appointment.

Appropriate clothing consists of clean, comfortable garments that allow the artist access to the area of the tattoo. Please be aware that ink stains on your clothing may occur during the tattoo.

Pricing: How much will my tattoo cost?

Our minimum is $70, and most tattoos are priced per piece. It’s impossible to tell you the exact price without seeing the design. Pricing depends largely on time, size and amount of detail. You might want a tattoo that’s very small with a lot of detail that will take twice as long as something much larger but more simple. Some body parts may also contribute to the price. If you want something on your arm, it will be much easier and less time consuming than something on the stomach or ribs, so it will be cheaper. The best way to get an estimate is to show us your ideas!

Do you tattoo anyone under 18?

NO. Tattooing minors is illegal in the state of New Hampshire. We strongly encourage you to wait until you come of age: young men especially tend to hit growth spurts in their late teens, and it would be a shame to be stuck with a tattoo that’s stretched and distorted out of shape because it was done before you finished growing!

Do you pierce anyone under 18?

Yes! Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian with photo ID, and provide a photo ID (school ID) and birth certificate. Please contact us in advance to consult with our piercer, as we reserve the right to refuse certain piercings to minors.

Do you tattoo hands/feet/fingers?

In the state of NH it is legal to tattoo these body parts… BUT as professionals, we reserve the right to refuse tattoos that will not hold up well or look good. Keep in mind, we want you to be happy and look good long term, so if you want a tattoo in a spot that won’t heal well, we won’t do it.

We are happy to tattoo feet, as they usually hold up well. They will always fade faster than other tattoos because of the wear of feet in general. We will not tattoo on the bottom of the foot, the heel, or the side of the foot. These spots turn blurry after a short amount of time on most people, and will look like a stain or smear. Any place that is wrinkly on the foot is usually a heavy wear spot. We try to stick to the top of the foot onto the ankle.
Most of the time we won’t do these. There is a rough spot on the knuckles of your toes that is the heaviest wear spot, and a tattoo would not stay. If we did tattoo on the toe, it would be on a spot that is not on the knuckle. Toe rings do not hold up. The inside turns blurred and looks like toe lint after a short time.
The backs of the hands and near the thumb is tattooable. We prefer people to have sleeves or heavy tattoo work before getting their hands tattooed, in order to preserve your job opportunities in the future. Hands, like feet, wear faster than most other body parts.
We do not generally tattoo rings. They look awful after a short time (sometimes only a couple of months) and the underneath fades off leaving a blur on the sides. We do tattoo knuckles (the top of your finger before the first knuckle). If you wanted a ring, consider getting something on the top of the finger instead. This will hold up better. All finger tattoos need touch ups from time to time and are harder to heal. On a knuckle, you can usually only fit 1-3 letters max.

Text Tattoos: things to keep in mind

Text is deceiptively simple as a tattoo– it’s just words, right? However, replicating a font cleanly in skin requires precise attention to detail, as minute inconsistencies in repeated letters will immediately jump out to the viewer. Obviously, the more ornate the font, the more time it takes to tattoo, but that doesn’t make simpler fonts any easier to tattoo– there’s no room for error! Text on sensitive body parts like the ribs, chest, hands or feet should be given careful consideration: can you sit well for the duration of the tattoo? Small twitches or sharp breaths in these areas can make a huge difference in the success of your tattoo with unforgiving text.

Sometimes text makes a bold statement, and sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Instead of names and dates, consider honoring your special person or place with representative imagery– this way you can commemorate something important, and also have an aesthetically beautiful and engaging tattoo.